OEM Parts

OEM Parts

Honda/HRC, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha OEM parts offered by J-Parts are 100% genuine and quotation-based. We usually can ship:

  • Honda parts - 4~5 business days
  • HRC parts - 7~8 business days
  • Kawasaki parts - 5~6 business days
  • Suzuki parts - 4~5 business days
  • Yamaha parts - 4~5 business days

  • if the manufacturers have your ordered parts in stock. Below flow is how we offer our service on OEM parts.

    Step 1
    Please navigate your motorcycle schematics at below helpful sites or any site that you know to get part numbers of your needed parts.

  • Cheap Cycle Parts
  • CMS
  • Partzilla
  • Ron Ayers Motorsports
  • MRCycles
  • Step 2
    Fill in our OEM Inquiry Form and click "SEND NOW" button.

    Step 3
    Price quotes with/without international shipping and stock/lead-time information will be sent to you by email. NOTE our quotes are only valid for 1 week.

    Step 4
    If you are ok with our quotes and would like to place the order, please let us know by a reply email. We will send a PayPal payment request to your email.

    Step 5
    You will be informed about shipping and tracking number when the parts are shipped.

    For customers who prefer paying shipping based on actual shipping weight
    A PayPal payment request for ordered parts will be sent first. After we receive and pack the parts, a 2nd PayPal request for shipping & handling (actual shipping plus a 5% handling fee and round up to the nearest ten) will be sent to you.

    * * * IMPORTANT NOTES * * *

    ❖ OEM parts are provided from the manufacturers with a

    No Return, No Cancellation (after order) & No Exchange Policy.

    Therefore the same policy would be for OEM parts offered by J-Parts as well. We would only accept defect claims originally caused by the manufacturers.

    ❖ Below parts are categorized as dangerous goods by Japan Post. We cannot supply them because they cannot be shipped.

    Fuel tanks, complete rear suspensions, complete front forks

    Please do not ask us for part numbers. Inquiries asking us part numbers for your motorcycle will be disregarded.

    ❖ Shipping rates can be found here. Average delivery time is also indicated in the rate tables. We would not know about shipping charges until we actually pack the shipments.

    ❖ If actual shipping is lower than estimated shipping, the difference will not be refounded. Same as if actual shipping is higher than estimated shipping, we will not ask for the difference.

    ❖ Please note if a single PayPal payment is lower than JPY 4,500, a JPY 40 would be added to the amount in order to offset PayPal base fee.

    For Genuine/OEM Parts, Choose J-Parts.